Pipes for Industrial Consultancy (PIC) Provides: 

A.  Existing & New Glassfiber Composite Piping Systems Reliability Enhancement

B. Composite Industry Needed Specialized Services

C.  Continuous Critical Added Values

To “Achieve Higher Profit for PIC Clients”, in the Broadest Sense of Profitability 


 Achieving Higher Profit through:

1.  Integrating Design, Process, Raw Material & Machinery Factors      for Optimum Product Performance at Lower Costs

2.  Product Know-How & Services Supply for Composite Systems        (Covering Piping Systems, and New Storage & Processing              Structures)

3.  Utilizing more than 3-Decades of Continuous Total Industry            Cycle On-Hand-Expertise Including R&D Outcome for Adding          Critical Value (e.g., Market Size Expansion, Entering New Market      Sectors, Increasing Products Numbers, Applications and Served      Product Range / Size)

Know-How Tool

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PIC Value-Added Services / Engineered Cost Reduction, Targets Three Main Clients Groups In “Glass Reinforced Composites” Piping Systems:

I.     Project Owners / Consultants through

 Reliability Enhancement in Installation & Existing Piping Systems, Engineering Analysis,

 System design, Re-Engineering, Service Life Assessment and Enhancement…etc.


II.    Manufacturers / Suppliers through

  Improved Product Design & Process Developments, Engineering & Re-Engineering

  Support, Higher Results in Assessment of Conformity, Enhanced Product Reliability &

  Uniformity, Know-How Access, Advanced Training, Required Equipment Upgrade



III.  End Users / Contractors / Others, through

  Services in Areas like Installation Support, Failure / Root Cause Analysis & Repair, Service

  Life Assessment & Enhancement, Engineered Alternative Proposals, System Expansion /

  Modification Design Services, Custom-Made Solutions, Engineering Support,

  Manufacturers Evaluation, Remote Technical Services…etc.











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