Our Expertise
Our Expertise

With experiences varying from 20 years to 30 years in major companies, our engineers are guaranteed to provide the best services in the composite piping systems industry. With previous combined experiences of managing, successfully operating a complete project as planned of several plants and providing various consultancy services to projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and India including partial or full services to a total of 13 plants, our consultants deliver their knowledge in GRP/GRE Engineering, Operation & Maintenance to our varying clients’ base.

With the presence of a previous membership in ISO TC 138\SC 6 working groups and technical committees,
managing a plant that supplied one of the largest GRP piping projects worldwide, first hand
knowledge in R&D, a direct on-hand international experience in design, operation, installation, failure investigation,
re-engineering in the three main manufacturing processes of composite piping, in addition to providing the latest CFW
Process Know-How there is no room for error.

Relocating an existing facility, constructing a new one, developing a green field or brown field plant, improving machinery and plant processes, Engineering / Re-Engineering consultancy services in existing and new projects, plants, and facilities are some of what you will get from PIC SERVICES.

As a team, PIC can provide services in almost all aspects of GRP / GRE industry. As a Product: in design, engineering
/ analysis, re-engineering; In Manufacturing: process development, operations improvement, machinery upgrading,
technicians and engineers training; In the Field: field inspection, supervision services, assessment, failure and root
cause investigation, training...etc.; or In a New Plant: design and construction including machinery supply
consultancy, and existing plant upgrading.

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