Jobs List

Pipes for Industrial Consultancy (PIC) and its highly experienced staff have worked on several (PIC) key-projects in addition to their long experience with mega projects in Asia and Africa. A list of its clients and project experience are shown below.

Jobs List
  • GRE / GRP Treated Water Transmission Line, 410 Km (Consultancy Services Including Re-Engineering, Stress Analysis and Implementation of Proposed Engineering Solutions)
  • Training, Machine Modifications & Manufacturing Process Development for GRP / GRE Manufacturers
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Consultancy Services to GRP / GRE Manufacturer’s
  • Tripoli West 4 X 350 MW Power Plant Project: Cooling Water Supply & Return System, DN 2600 & 2800mm Piping System Analysis
  • Desalination & Power Plant Piping within Pumping Station, DN 2000 Analysis, Modification & Manufacturing Process Details
  • Rabigh-2 Independent Power Plant - R2IPP, Underground & Aboveground Piping System Analysis
  • GRP / Steel Combined Cooling Water Supply & Return Piping System, DN 2500 & 2800mm, Underground (GRP) & Aboveground (Steel) Cooling System Supply & Return Re-Engineering & Final Layout Design of
    Combined Rigid & Flexible Joint System
  • KAU – MCHW Piping for Faculty Housing Project, DN 250 to 700 mm Core Pipe & 300 to 800 mm Jacket Pipe, Pre-Insulation Chilled Water Piping System Analysis
  • Piping System Layout Modification Analysis & Conceptual Support Design (Changing Sea Water By-Pass Line, DN 800mm)
  • Zwetina CCPP Power Plant, GRP Sea Water Intake With Two Internal HDPE Chlorination Piping & Support Design, DN 2800mm & DN 80 & 150mm
  • Az-Zawya Power Plant, Seawater Supply Line: Root Cause Failure Investigation and Short Notice Repair Proposal & Implementation, DN 2200mm
  • Shoaiba-3 “SIWPP-III”: Root Cause Failure Investigation and Repair Proposal, DN 350 & DN 600 mm
  • Consultancy Services for Operation and Maintenance of the 410 Km Transmission Line Contract
  • Consultancy Services for Infrastructure Projects Contractor including O&M of Transmission Pipelines and Pumping Stations Current Bed
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